Grévin vs. Tussauds

What are they?
These are the names of two famous museums where you can admire wax statues.
Where can you find them?
The “Musée Grévin” is situated in Paris, whereas “Madame Tussauds” is in London, and other cities.
What’s the difference?
These are pictures from “Madame Tussauds", above, and the “Musée Grévin” below.

Which is the best?
answers in comments Wax figure of Albert Einstein at Tussauds, London. Wax figure of Albert Einstein, Musée Grévin, Paris
Wax figure of Donald Trump, Tussauds, Kolkata Wax figure of Donald Trump at Musée Grévin

By Wallex2007

A new year, a new name

Hi everyone, it's Squigly!
I'd like you to know that I am going to change my name on this blog…From now on my pseudonym will be Wallex2007!!! I will also be publishing an article every week, or at least, I'll try… My articles will be talking about weekly activities (mountain biking stunts, lego, videogames etc).
A new article will soon be coming out. Have a nice day!

Monster Hunt, a 500 word story by Squigly

Monster Hunt

I don’t know anything about you, but I know I’ve always feared the dark… So entering a pitch black cave is the worst of my nightmares. Especially when I know I’m on my own and there’s a massive creature in the cavern. So, to overcome my fear, I start singing “Cave on the Hill” by Egg Sheeran, slowly to myself. Firstly, you need to know why I am in this cave and when is it happening: we are in the age of stone and I have been exiled because I have committed a crime: I kicked my lord… He sent me here; in the cave of the unknown monster, to bring back some information about it or kill it.
I get to a fork in the path as I reach the end of the song; so, I stop singing and concentrate on my duty. I can’t see more than ten metres in front of myself. I decide to go left, though I don’t know why… To my surprise, I end up in a cave where you could fit a football pitch; and in the middle, the biggest and scariest creature I ever saw is lying in front of me. It’s about five metres high…

The Adventures of Charlotte Calms - The Turly Christmas Mystery

Chapter 1

Emma Bustle lived in a small American town called Turly. It was a beautiful place. In autumn, the trees turned orange and yellow. In winter a white blanket made of snow covered the colourful houses and people could ride sleighs.

Emma was a young teacher who enjoyed winter for several reasons: one because she loved having snowball fights and riding sleighs with her school colleagues, secondly because she adored hot chocolate in front of a fire after skiing, and above all because of Christmas.

The 1st of December, Emma brought an Advent Calendar to the high school where she taught English to seventeen year olds. She took it to her classroom and the teenagers thought that it was super cool and that she was a fun teacher.

When the bell rang Emma made her way to the staff room to get her coffee. In the corridor she bumped into her colleague Mark, Mark Moody.

“Hi Mark, what are you teaching today?” asked Emma.

“Oh, I have wood technology. By the way I have Lucas, didn’t you give him …

What's a RAINBOW ?

A rainbow is the reflection of light in a transparent object: drop of water, glass, etc...

As the light goes through the drop of water, it separates into seven colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
When? It occurs when it was raining, and then the sun came out... Check out this video to find out more! By Squigly

Next week's mini saga title is: